DesignByGemini – Elena & Giulia Sella

Founded in 2015 by twin sisters Elena and Giulia Sella, DesignByGemini is a design studio that combines the two disciplines of its creators- interior design and architecture- with passion and development of the digital.
Originally intended to be a design blog, today DesignByGemini specialises in interior design, product design and installation, with particular attention on the development of publicity and promotion on social media. From here stems the project’s collaborations with the fashion world, YouTube channels, national radio, e-commerce, and international art and design exhibitions. DesignByGemini has at its heart a modern approach to design that sees social media as a promoter’s best friend, and it is constantly on the lookout for original and innovative concepts.

Giulia graduated after studying Interior Design from Politecnico di Milano in 2012 and she is a certificate Real Estate Broker. She joined Libeskind Design Studio in Milan in 2013 as part of the design team, working on projects related to interiors, products, installations and exhibitions, befor moving to Studio Daniel Libeskind in New York in 2014, where she worked on the Corals condominium development in Singapore that is set to achieve LEED Gold and UD Platinum.
Giulia speaks italian and English.

Elena graduated with honours from Politecnico di Milano with a master’s degree in Architetecture, and from 2012 spent time working at the BLAST Architetti studio, where she was involved in architectural and interior design projects.
Elena took part of an exchange program in San Paolo in 2014 with the Architecture and Urbanism College of University of São Paulo – FAU, and she worked for the brazilian design gallery and studio Prototype.
Elena speaks Italian, English and Portuguese.

In 2015, the siblings founded DesignByGemini.


DesignByGemini – Elena & Giulia Sella

Fondato nel 2015 dalle sorelle gemelle Elena e Giulia Sella, DesignByGemini e’ uno studio di Design che combina le due discipline delle fondatrici, design d’interni e architettura, con la passione e lo sviluppo degli aspetti digital.
Nato come blog di design, oggi DesignByGemini si occupa di progettazione d’interni, product design e installazioni, con particolare attenzione e sviluppo dell’aspetto comunicativo e promozione sui media.
Da qui collaborazioni legate al mondo della moda, canali YouTube, radio nazionali, E-commerce e manifestazioni internazionali di arte e design.
Alla base di DesignByGemini c’e’ un approccio contemporaneo alla progettazione che fa dei social media un alleato vincente di promozione, con una constante ricerca di concept originali e innovativi.
Giulia si e’ laureata in Interior Design al Politecnico di Milano nel 2012 e possiede inoltre la licenza di broker immobiliare. Nel 2013 ha lavorato presso Libeskind Design Studio a Milano come parte del team di design, lavorando su progetti d’interni, prodotti, mostre e installazioni.
Nel 2014 Giulia ha lavorato presso Studio Daniel Libeskind a New York, dove ha seguito lo sviluppo del progetto residenziale Corals in Singapore.
Da settembre 2015 lavora presso DesignByGemini.
Elena si e’ laureata in Architettura ambientale nel  2012 e ha conseguito con lode la laurea specialista in Architettura presso il Politecnico di Milano.
Nel 2012 ha lavorato presso lo studio BLAST architetti su progetti di architettura e interior design.
Elena ha preso parte ad uno scambio internazionale a San Paolo nel 2014 presso l’Universita’ di Architettura e Urbanismo FAU, e ha lavorato presso la galleria di design brasiliano Prototype.
Da settembre 2015 lavora presso DesignByGemini.
Elena parla italiano, inglese e portoghese.



DesignByGemini Veronica Lafleur ok


Veronica earned a B.S. in Economics from Catholic University of Milan and gained a scholarship for a full academic year at the Catholic University of Portorico.
After her studies she joined Fasten Seat Belt, a media agency in Milano focusing on events and marketing and digital communication.
Thanks to this working experience she developed a strong relationship with the most important fashion and luxury brands,for which she continues to organise events and digital projects. Her professional background and her love of travel pushed her into the international scene.
Veronica will bring her experiences and her passions in DesignByGemini covering the role of contributor and business development manager with a focus on collaboration with brands. Veronica speaks italian, english,spanish.