We’re always very excited during Milan Design Week, a real celebration of design. There’s room for parties, celebrations but also moments of reflection and a vision at the future.
This year we host the Range Rover Velar event, that took place at the prestigious Permanente museum in Milan.
It was a great honour to introduce the new fantastic Range Rover Velar to the audience, the first time it has been shown in Italy, and to share some insights into its creation.
First of all we introduced another duo, the special guests of the evening: Amy Frascella, chief designer of Colour and Materials for Land Rover, and Massimo Frascella, Creative Director Exteriors Land Rover.
With Amy and Massimo we explored some of the words that have been used to describe the vehicle. From ELEGANCE to PROGRESSIVENESS and REDUCTION, exploring the meaning of each word and how does it translate in terms of exterior design and colour and materials.
Since we have different backgrounds too, architecture and interior design, it sounded extremely interesting to us that Amy and Massimo worked on the same project combining their different disciplines. That’s why we loved to know from them how is their relationship during the creative process, and what were the challenges of different Design disciplines working together on something so complex.
Massimo and Amy shared with us that they all had a quite a holistic vision of how they want the car to be expressed in its modernity, and in its elegance and in its simplicity, and that it was quite clear from the beginning that we were trying to deliver something that was moving the Range Rover DNA on.
From both of them, we’ve heard a lot about how the new Range Rover Velar is unique, it’s different, it’s leading, it’s wow!
We think that turning complexity into beauty and simplicity is really outstanding, and as the great master of modern architecture Mies van der Rohe said…


Exceptional Partner: Kvadrat and Born Creative Leaders
Photo exhibition by Gary Bryan