Installation at Superstudio’s during Milan Design Week 2018

The “Millennial Pink Room” is an installation created by the designers Elena & Giulia Sella of DesignByGemini, where ‘millennial pink’, the most loved and shared colour on social media, acts as the protagonist.

This instagram-friendly project was aimed at the Millennial generation – namely the DesignByGemini products on display inspired by the language of social media, such as  the ‘like’ speechbuble made with neon and the pink breakfast cups with ‘#love’. The “Dream” mirror, with its antique pink frame,  includes stickers created with Swarovski crystals and is designed for the interaction of guests within the space.

The result was a very current project with a vintage allure  given by the boiserie, the tables, the mid-century sofa and the 60s deckchairs. The contrasting element was created by the black and white houndstooth carpet by DesignByGemini for Econtract.

The Millennial Pink Room has received a lot of promotion through shares on social media, especially Instagram, by the use of the hashtag #millennialpinkroom.


Enjoy the video of our experience in the Millennial Pink Room!