Mirror Of The Day- Milan Design Week 2017

Mirror Of The Day is a project that brings together design and the language of social media; emojis. Key players in modern communication, they are used to express feelings and emotions, both to reinforce and nowadays also as substitutes for words. Through graphic stickers, the little face icons are applied onto a mirror to create themed designs that represent various moods, thus taking advantage of their expressive power and recognisability.

Visitors have been invited to enter into a dreamlike “box” containing 7 mirrors, each representing a day of the week.

They had to answer the question, “What’s your #MirrorOfTheDay?”, and take a photo of themselves in the mirror that best represents them, as such participating and interacting directly with the art work.

Designed to be a project that would be centred around the public, Mirror Of The Day answers the need for immediate communication, for sharing photos and emotions on Social Media and for adding a touch of fun to your day.

MirrorOfTheDay Invitation

stand jpg



Mirror’s detail

DesignbyGemini Mirror of the day-6

DesignbyGemini Mirror of the day-7



DesignbyGemini Mirror of the day-16