MAKE-SURE is back at coloring the streets of Milan, as the temporary store “Fiorichiari” in the chic district of Milan – Brera, opens its doors to our universe. Centered on delivering memorable experiences, the space is designed to welcome visitors with the “Hearts” installation: avibrant tunnelthatrecallsourvaluesofcolor,funandself-love! Another unmissable element is the holographic Social Booth, a ...Read More.


  Set design and installations for Lucky Me private event by Alessandra Grillo.   ...Read More.


Max it up Experience Installation for Alessandra Grillo’s Max&Co. event during Milan Fashion Week 2019. ...Read More.


Our  Emoji Mirrors line   For products and sales inquiries please contact us at:   ...Read More.

“Mirror Of The Day” at Milan Design Week ’17

Mirror Of The Day- Milan Design Week 2017 Mirror Of The Day is a project that brings together design and the language of social media; emojis. Key players in modern communication, they are used to express feelings and emotions, both to reinforce and nowadays also as substitutes for words. Through graphic stickers, the little face ...Read More.